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Mildred’s Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free Detox Salad

This week I went to Mildreds in Soho. I love this place – it’s a fantastic vegetarian restaurant that uses organic ingredients when possible and has a lovely range of internationally-inspired recipes. And it has a wonderful atmosphere and staff. (And they have a great blog.) I had the Energizing Detox Salad with carrots, sultanas, fennel, sprouting beans, coriander and toasted pumpkins and sunflower seeds with an apple, lime and ginger dressing and served with organic tofu. Brilliant for my detox but also a lovely salad in its own right – the flavours were all really well judged – nothing overpowering anything else. I had expected the apple, lime and ginger dressing to be quite full-on, but instead it was subtle; giving the carrots, sultanas, fennel, sprouts, coriander and seeds the opportunity to shine. The menu shows when a recipe is gluten-free or vegan, making ordering brilliantly easy!