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My New Cookbook – Simply Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free

I’m so excited – my new cookbook is coming out on 1 April. And it’s not an April Fools’ – it’s for real! My first book, The Best Gluten-Free, Wheat-Free & Dairy-Free Recipes has been a success – thanks to my fantastic readers – and has sold over 80,000 copies worldwide now. So the publishers asked me to write another book – and this one is called Simply Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free. After my first book was published, I became pregnant with Zoe. And when she came into our world, I found I had to find ways to make gluten-free and dairy-free recipes as simple and as quick as possible. So I devised recipes that really are stress-free, with ingredients that work brilliantly and techniques that that will work for your hectic life. Whip up the Brioche with Caramelized Peaches or Salmon en Croûte, for example, using a food processor to do all the work for you, so you don’t have to spend time kneading the dough or the pastry. Whizz cashew nuts in a blender to make cream for Chicken Tikka Masala or a Strawberry Pannacotta. Or use an electric mixer to make the crust for Herb- and Olive-Crusted Lamb or the mixture for a heavenly Chocolate Birthday Cake.

For me, cooking is like alchemy – you take some ingredients and make a dish that can nurture you physically and emotionally. You can heap nutrients into your body – boosting your immune system, energy levels and vitality, and helping your body to alleviate symptoms and start to heal itself. Then you can just sit back and enjoy the gorgeous tastes, textures and aromas of the recipes you’ve created with each delicious bite.

‘This is thoroughly modern food – quick, healthy and utterly delicious. Grace takes the fear out of cooking for special diets – you’ll be amazed how simple she makes it!’ Jane Curran, Food Editor, woman&home

‘A massive thank you for changing the way I look at my new diet. Thank you for inspiring me and helping me to enjoy the benefits of free-from food.’ Clemmie Wright

‘My children love all the things that I have made for them – your recipes are delicious!’ Shandon Smith, mother of two

‘Grace Cheetham’s book gives us a fresh approach that fills the gap in the gluten-free plus dairy-free cookery market. Many people newly diagnosed with coeliac disease are also lactose intolerant until their guts start to heal. The broad world flavours in these recipes are robust and flavoursome.’ Coeliac UK

‘Grace Cheetham takes the stress out of cooking gluten-free and dairy-free. This book is a vital resource for anyone who has coeliac disease or who has gluten or dairy intolerances – it is packed with excellent information and delicious recipes.’ Scott Adams, Founder, www.celiac.com and www.glutenfreemall.com

‘I just love Grace’s recipes – her enthusiasm, her exciting use of unusual ingredients, especially grains, her clear techniques and directions. The book will be a delight to cook from – whether you’re on a free-from diet or not!’ Michelle Berriedale-Johnson, Foods Matter