If you’re looking for recipes you can whip up quickly and easily after a hectic day, you’ll find a delicious selection here. You’ll also find recipes you can make for special occasions, or for when you want to treat yourself and have a blow-out meal. As always, it’s best to buy seasonal, organic ingredients – and let the fresh flavours take over and work their magic within these recipes. Share these with your family and friends and enjoy!

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Broad bean and pancetta risotto

Discover how you can use dairy-free cheese to add full-on flavour in this risotto.

Gnocchi with mushroom and pancetta sauce

A hearty, warming and richly-flavoured gnocchi.

Honey and herb-crusted rack of lamb with roasted asparagus

Use polenta in this recipe to make a delicious crust with tons of flavour!

Prawn, asparagus, pea and mint risotto

A light, summery risotto with a creamy taste and texture.

Roasted vegetable tarts

Dive into these tarts – made without any gluten, wheat or dairy!

Salmon fishcakes

Soft, tender salmon with a deliciously crunchy coating.

Singapore noodles

A spicy noodle dish which you can whip up in less than 30 minutes.

Thai prawn curry

A brilliantly easy Thai curry – and you can even make the curry ahead of time and just stir in the ingredients and cook.