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Thai prawn curry


This Thai Prawn Curry really is super-easy. You can make the curry paste the night before and keep it in the fridge until you use it. (Forget the shop-bought versions when you can make this so easily and it’s so healthy) Then it’s just a case of gathering the rest of the ingredients and starting to cook. Perfect!
preparation time: 15 minutes  cooking time: 30 minutes serves: 4
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Salmon fishcakes


Soft, tender salmon with a deliciously crunchy coating.
It’s the polenta – or maize flour – which makes these so crunchy and delicious. It is worth using the gram flour, too, as a base coat, but if you don’t have any to hand you could just use polenta for both coatings. And if you want to prepare these ahead of time, you could cook the salmon and the potatoes the day before and then simply assemble into fishcakes on the night. Perfect for mid-week dinner with the family or a casual weekend lunch.
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Roasted vegetable tarts


Dive into these tarts – made without any gluten, wheat or dairy!
The sweetness of the roasted vegetables in here makes these utterly delicious – and the colours make them a show-stopper. Feast on them for dinner but they work equally well cold in a picnic, with a salad for lunch, or made into tiny, bite-sized nibbles. (They were one of the nibbles I served at my launch party and they went down extremely well!) It is worth making the effort to get xanthum gum as this does make a difference, but the pastry will still work if you can’t get hold of any.
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