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Vegetable Tonic Juice

This is a brilliant juice, again from Christine Bailey’s Juice Diet. Utterly jammed with protective antioxidants, this is surprisingly delicious – tasting slightly like a juice-version of a gazpacho, with the garlic and tomatoes. You can buy tomato or vegetables juices ready-made in health food shops but this is so simple to make and miles better in terms of nutrients and taste.

Watercress and spinach provide iron and vitamin C for energy and stamina, while the medley of veggies is packed full of protective phytonutrients. Garlic contains powerful detoxifying and immune-boosting compounds, and is a powerful antibiotic, helping to clear infections, especially in the digestive tract, and is an effective decongestant, useful in the relief of cold and cough symptoms. Brilliant for winter-time!

gluten-free, dairy-free, yeast-free, soya-free, egg-free, nut-free, seed-free, citrus-free

Makes enough for 1 person


  • 2 celery sticks
  • 1 small garlic clove
  • 4 tomatoes
  • 1 large handful spinach and watercress leaves
  • 2 carrots
  1. Juice all the ingredients and mix well.

Nutritional analysis per serving: Calories 107kcal • Protein 5g • Carbohydrates 18.7g [of which sugars 17.1g] • Fat 1.9g

Mango Detox Juice

With Christmas, New Year and my birthday over for another year, it’s time to do some detoxing. (Especially as I was out drinking and dancing last night until 3am!) So I’ve started this morning with this Mango Detox Juice from a book by Christine Bailey called The Juice Diet which DBP has just published. It’s a great book – with 100 juice recipes along with a nutrient analysis for each recipe, telling you exactly how many calories and how much protein, carbohydrate and fat you’re getting when you drink that juice.

Juices are a powerhouse of nutrients – with high quantities of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and amino acids. And they can be an incredibly effective way to lose weight. Their high water content helps clear your body of waste and they contain enzymes that boost your metabolism and enable your digestive tract and liver to function optimally, all of which can help you to lose weight. When toxins build up inside you, it causes you to put on weight because if you can’t process the toxins, your body stores them in fat cells.  And the more toxins in your system, the more fat cells your body needs to store them. What’s more, juices also contain compounds, such as citric and malic acid, pectin and chlorophyll, which can absorb fats and toxins from your digestive tract. Brilliant!

This nourishing and cleansing smoothie is both refreshing and sweet. The mango is packed with detoxifying properties to boost your weight-loss plan. Adding a small spoonful of flaxseeds helps stabilize blood sugar and increases the fibre content to speed up detoxification. Mango is rich in soluble fibre to lower cholesterol and insoluble fibre to aid elimination. Loaded with the antioxidant vitamins A, C and E, mangoes help protect against oxidative damage and support the liver in its work neutralizing and removing toxins from your body.

gluten-free, wheat-free, dairy-free, yeast-free, soya-free, egg-free, nut-free, citrus-free

Makes enough for 2 people

  • 1 apple
  • ½ cucumber
  • 2 celery sticks
  • ½ mango, peeled, stoned and chopped
  • ½ tsp ground flaxseeds
  1. Juice the apple, cucumber and celery. Put the juice into a blender with the mango and flaxseeds and process until smooth.

Nutritional analysis per serving: Calories 109kcal • Protein 2.7g • Carbohydrates 22.2g [of which sugars 19.9g] • Fat 1.7g

Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free Thai Prawn Curry

This year some friends came round for my birthday. I wanted a completely hassle-free evening, so I made some gluten-free & dairy-free chocolate brownies, and then on the night I cooked this Thai Prawn Curry – and it really was super-easy. I made the curry paste the night before and kept it in the fridge until I used it. And then I prepped the rest of the ingredients a couple of hours’ before, put the wine in the fridge – and then took a long soak in the bath before everyone arrived… bliss! It’s a great recipe to make when you’re with people, because you can simply add the ingredients and then just stir (and chat) while you wait for it to cook. Perfect!

gluten-free, wheat-free, dairy-free, seed-free, egg-free

Serves 4 Preparation time 15 minutes Cooking time 30 minutes

  • 400ml/14fl oz/scant 1²⁄₃ cups coconut milk
  • 1 tbsp tamari soy sauce
  • 2 tbsp Thai fish sauce
  • 100g/3½oz green beans, trimmed
  • 1 red pepper, deseeded and cut into thin strips
  • 1 yellow pepper, deseeded and cut into thin strips
  • 100g/3½oz sugar snap peas or peas
  • 100g/3½oz beansprouts
  • 500g/1lb 2oz cooked large king prawns
  • juice of 1 lime
  • 1 small handful of coriander leaves, to serve
  • steamed rice, to serve
  • lime wedges, to serve
  • 1 red chilli, finely chopped, to serve
  • 1 large handful peanuts, chopped, to serve

Curry Paste:

  • ½ tsp ground cumin
  • ½ tsp ground coriander
  • 1 red chilli, coarsely chopped
  • 2 shallots, coarsely chopped
  • 2 garlic cloves, coarsely chopped
  • 2.5cm/1in piece of root ginger, peeled and coarsely chopped
  • 4 kaffir lime leaves
  • 1 lemongrass stalk, coarsely chopped
  • ½ tsp shrimp paste
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 tbsp tamari soy sauce
  • 1 large handful of coriander leaves and stalks, coarsely chopped
  1. To make the curry paste, put the ground cumin and ground coriander into a mini food processor or spice mill. Add the chilli, shallots, garlic and ginger and blend well, then add all of the remaining ingredients for the paste and blend to form a coarse paste.
  2. Heat a wok or large frying pan over a medium heat until hot. Add the curry paste and heat for 30 seconds over a low heat. Add the coconut milk and cook for 4–5 minutes, stirring well.
  3. Add the tamari and 1 tablespoon of the fish sauce and stir well then add the vegetables and cook over a medium heat for 3–4 minutes until they are just tender but still slightly crunchy. Take care not to let the  mixture boil or the coconut milk will curdle. Stir in the prawns and cook for another 2–3 minutes until they are hot, then stir in the lime juice. Check the seasoning and add a little more fish sauce to taste if needed. Sprinkle with the chopped coriander and serve with rice, the lime wedges, chilli and peanuts and extra coriander sprigs, if you like.